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Black Amber Lavender Sea Moss
Black Amber Lavender
Our Price: $6.00
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Sea Moss
Our Price: $6.00
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Deep and sophisticated this soap blends rustic Amber with bold Parisian Lavender. Combined with these main scents is mysterious Black Myrrh, Dulcet Vanilla Tonka bean, and a splash of Egyptian Musk. The fragrance is rounded out with a surprising addition of raw Clary Sage resulting in an earthy concoction with hints of sweetness and pleasing floral notes.

Sea Moss is a unique blend of Bergamot, Orchid, Jasmine and Violet with supporting notes of Ozone (air), Sandalwood, and Musk and of course, Moss. This fragrance could be described as fresh, green and almost a little kelpy.

Sage Lemongrass Celestial Waters
Sage Lemongrass
Our Price: $6.00
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Celestial Waters
Our Price: $6.00
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Tall grasses and soft sage combine to make the perfect out door fragrance. Fresh and clean. Now with Aloe Vera!

This a beautifully soft, spring mountain scent with notes of hemlock, magnolia, and honeysuckle. Now with Aloe Vera.
Vetyver Rosemary Peppermint
Our Price: $6.00
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Rosemary Peppermint
Our Price: $6.00
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This scent has top notes of Lemon & Rosemary. The middle notes contain florals, Sandalwood and Patchouli and finally, the luscious blend finishes off with musk and vetyver.

An exhilarating blend of pure essential oils. Rosemary with its woodiness and peppermint for reviving and refreshing makes for a wonderful morning shower.

Cucumber Garden Apricot Ale
Cucumber Garden
Our Price: $6.00
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Apricot Ale
Our Price: $6.00
24 in stock!

A beautiful scent of a summer garden. It has the refreshing scent of cucumber. There is also a hint of orange, grapefruit, rich earth, green vines, white flowers, hay, and wood. We also add Aloe Vera.

Another of our new beer soap. We use an English Brown Ale and blend it with the bright, festive, fresh scent of Apricot. There is also a bit of freesia for a light floral addition.
Love Spell Heavenly Honeysuckle
Love Spell
Our Price: $6.00
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Heavenly Honeysuckle
Our Price: $6.00
19 in stock!
Think Haight-Asbury in the 60’s. A lively diverse mix. With notes of bergamot, peach, strawberry, apple blossom, African tamarind, Damask rose, tonka bean, coconut milk, and white musk.

This fragrance will bring back the memories of warm spring days and the beginning of summer. This complex mix of tuberose, nectarine, cherry, honeysuckle, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, and musk will surely take you there.

Monocacy Pinot Grigio Sultry Black Jasmine
Monocacy Pinot Grigio
Our Price: $6.00
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Sultry Black Jasmine
Our Price: $6.00
32 in stock!

A clean, fruity aroma of white grapes with a touch of sweetness that creates a harmonic, classy and pleasant blend for wine and grape lovers. Made with a local Pinot Grigio for the added benefits of soap made with wine including mood and atmosphere.

It's a sophisticated mix of bergamot, cassis, rose, neroli, jasmine, and smoky musk. Intoxicating, tropical and unique.

Sugar Magnolia Flower Child
Sugar Magnolia
Our Price: $6.00
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Flower Child
Our Price: $6.00

You'll love the notes of magnolia, lily of the valley, freesia, grapefruit, and plum.

“Flower Child” is a unique and sophisticated floral scent. it's a fresh mix of green tea, bergamot, patchouli, amber, vanilla, jasmine, musk, and smooth woods.

--> “Flower Child” is a unique and sophisticated floral scent. it's a fresh mix of green tea, bergamot, patchouli, amber, vanilla, jasmine, musk, and smooth woods.
Himalayan Salt
Himalayan Salt
Our Price: $7.00
60 in stock!
Our Pink Himalayan Salt is hand-mined from ancient salt beds within the Himalayan Mountains. Protected from pollution and impurities since their formation 200 million years ago, Pink Himalayan salt is believed to be the purest form of salt available. This sea salt is known for it's stimulating and soothing properties. It is amazing in salt bars for it's exfoliating and moisturizing abilities. We add a fragrance that is reminiscent of a light ocean spray. Salty marine notes and fresh rain mingle with lily of the valley, jasmine, leafy greens, pine and musk.